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Split tape w/ our queercore soulmates GLORY HOLE from Sydney, Australia / Released by Nettle Records / Summer 2016
7" version coming at some point.

Listen to Glory Hole!!! - gloryholequeerpunx.bandcamp.com


released May 8, 2015

Recorded at Echo Chamber in Halifax by Charles Austin & Francisco Lopes.



all rights reserved


EEKUM SEEKUM Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pixie stick smoking', dagger wielding, animal lovin', coast living, queercore lifers from Halifax, NS.
Elly, Mary, Emily, Merlin. 2011 - 2016. xo

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Track Name: Hand Pies
bodies that come, bodies that gush when they're fucked so good in the back or in the front. in the ass or in the cunt. when they rub & they hump when they moan & they grunt. talk to me sweet thing, come on tell me what you want.
sit on my face & rock your hips I want it all against my lips, drag your nails hard down my back & put your hands under my ass.
limp wrists, raised fists. fuck queer to resist. limp wrists, raised fists. queer bodies resist.
flip me over, it's my turn now. I'll guide your hand & show you how to make me come cause I'm not broken. fuck me babe like you know it's a sin.
1, 2, 3, 4. slip your fingers in my hole.
push me up against the wall one hand around my throat the other up to the knuckles in my hot wet flesh. fill me up with your fist. now get down on your knees and suck me like this.
Track Name: Under the Vinyl Siding, the Cedar!
under the vinyl siding, the cedar,. they find desirable materials. under working class exteriors. potential value from a long-ago heyday. now in the hands of fancy-trim slum lords: career gentrifiers buying up neighbourhoods. gutting dust held together by mould. homes commodified, bought and sold.
listen to this! let's call it what it is: gentrification, racist displacement. waves of one-at-a-time evictions, symptoms of a capitalist system. can't pretend to speak for people pushed out. kept my head down, was racist myself. selective community isn't enough when it's other white students, artists, and punks.
everyone's blaming someone for this and none of us are getting any richer but we're here and we said "I love the north end" and all they heard was "$$$$$$$."
build warship propaganda campaign to boost rent hikes and owners gains. now this process has caught up to me, eviction inevitability. reminiscing can't bring vacant lots, scrappy gardens, abandoned space. harbour views for those who pay not the dream cake dwellers, we don't stay.
Track Name: Tethered
tie me up. put me down. leave me out all year round.
in a cage. no beaks, no legs. no room to graze. no sleep for days. force fertilize then keep the babes to eat, to train, so you get paid.
it's just a body, a slice of a body. it's just a symbol, a status symbol. it's just for fun, it's just entertainment. it's just the industry, it's just the industry.
making fun with taxidermy. now that I'm dead you can mock my body. meat factories with hormone feeds make animals sick from the shit they eat. make people sick from poison meat and money for the market greed.