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recorded in february 2012 with the help of brendan, selwyn & matt in the treehouse basement.

limp wrists. raised fists.


released May 11, 2012

all music & lyrics written by eekum seekum.



all rights reserved


EEKUM SEEKUM Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pixie stick smoking', dagger wielding, animal lovin', coast living, queercore lifers from Halifax, NS.
Elly, Mary, Emily, Merlin. 2011 - 2016. xo

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Track Name: Brutality
this macho boys club is gonna kick our teeth in. throw us in cells with no phone calls or reasons.
fill up the prisons with folks with addictions. denying information. refusing education.
racial profilers, queer-bashing sexist rape apologizers. throat bruising thugs with nothing to lose. the laws exist for them to abuse. how fucking dare they ride in on horses like some bullshit knights in shining armour.
they can never be trusted. are always corrupted. taking orders from above. no consequence it’s all hushed up.
Track Name: Pink Dollar$
well you'd better not kiss your lovers at the parade. you're too queer to be proud you should be ashamed, cause we're keeping it tame to get bucks from the bank, so you drag queens can't come or you butches or fags. well you'd better not kiss your lovers at the parade, you're too queer to be proud you should be ashamed, cause we're keeping it tame to get bucks from the bank, so Q.U.A.I.A. had better be quiet.
what started out as a protest march became a walking commercial, sexy rainbow drenched advertisements for the gays who've got the dough. now it's led by cops and full of corporate floats to bring the tourists down to gawk. police escorts and rainbow flags make you feel safe enough to watch. don't be promiscuous, sell yourselves out to us, give us your pink dollars and shut your mouth and suck it up, we'll sell your identity back to you.
now the banks dictate how we demonstrate who can speak and who is blocked. your censorship of our politics make this a parade and not a march. we don't need your platform for our thoughts, city permits, hired cops. not all queers can assimilate and put their privilege on display.
don't be promiscuous, sell yourselves out to us, we won't join your parade if you censor us. we're not going to dance with TD so we'll start our own march.
fuck it. start it. fuck you.
Track Name: F.U...N.
1, 2, 3, 4! I declare a thumb war!
fun fun fun fun fun fun (oh yeah)
fun fun fun fun fun fun (yee-haw)
fun fun fun fun fun (fuck you!)
we want bikes and lakes, good sex, good food and I don't want your bad attitude. too political or not rad enough? we just started this band so we could act tough.
veggie poutine's got a hold on me like my animal pals and climbing trees. I'm so stoked I made it to the top without dying.
fun fun fun fun fun fun (dildos)
fun fun fun fun fun fun (shit’s real)
fun fun fun fun fun fun (bass face)
we want all the chip flavours in the world and I'm not just "good for a girl". listen fella, stop acting rude. you don't have to be dude-core if you are a dude.
everything on a rooftop is better like vandalism and bill cosby sweaters. I'm gonna lie here all day and bitch about condos.
gonna get a growler, so meet me in an hour, wanna drink it in the shower with you.
when I say troll, you say dolls. troll. dolls.
when I say j-j-j, you say jenga. j-j-j. jenga.
Track Name: Take Care/Watch Out
I'll take things into my own hands, carry zines on self defense, constant vigilance. I'll watch my back and watch out for my friends but your bullshit really fucks with my plans. cause I have better things to do than to watch out for you. i have plans, i have schemes, this is not my job, not my responsibility. this is your shit, your obligation, you need to own this. this is your shit, there are no exceptions, you are complicit. you read the books and you talk to your friends and you think about how to make amends. we shouldn't have to be on the defensive, you take it on it's your job to prevent it.
get consent.
Track Name: A. Smith
well I want you to know if we could have we would've kept her at home. is that any way to treat a sick soul? strapped down, no food but needles. she was just a kid and it's a bloody sin.

I just wanted you to look at me. nobody ever fucking looks at me except to laugh. I hear what they say behind my back. this town's so goddamn boring, there's nothing else to do but cause some shit and all the shit I cause is just kid's stuff pulling fire alarms. strapped down & injected. doctors tell me I'm sick. crowding me in circles while I don't even speak. the men outside the door stood by and watched me leave. someone tell me why I'm here. kept alone the past four years. all i ever wanted was someone to touch my face, i didn't mean to die but this knot is my escape.

she's gone.
Track Name: Commemorative Action
where were you november 99? I was preparing just one solemn line for my 7th grade recital. mix 96 on the stereo. part of the revolution? no way! preparing instead for Y2K, only baby sitting on my mind.
all I see in your eyes is the computer screen glow of recently watched riot porn. time to show your face, this ain't a reenactment show, glorified, but what for? or were you older than me? hoping for change we could really see. now we have disappointed you. the next generation just never came through. nothing to show but posturing, showing up the same way every time, tired of carbon copy demonstrating, can't even imagine the rev anymore.
I’m so tired of your history lessons.